Our Story

He was a boy. She was a girl. Can I make it any more obvious? He was from Mexico. She was Russian-American. What more can I say?

We met at the New Employee Orientation for our internship at Microsoft on 5/29/12. We just happened to sit down at the same table. The next part has been subject to speculation. According to the groom, we were both in line for the breakfast table. After pouring my hot tea, I supposedly turned around and spilled it on Jose. Instead of getting angry (as he supposedly was preparing to be), he fell in love with me right there and then. Who knew spilling hot beverages was the key to a man's heart?

We began dating on 6/23/12 after he surprise kissed me at Paradiso, a music festival we were attending with mutual friends. We became inseparable. On 7/7/12, he surprised me with orange rose petals spelling "Will you be my girlfriend?" laid out on my bed, a Build-a-Bear with a tennis outfit resembling me (he also assured me he had put in the heart himself and sang the heart song and was only mocked by 5-10 children and parents behind him), and tickets he had saved from all the movies, games, and other events we had attended together in the month and a half of knowing each other. It was the sweetest surprise ever and I said yes.

We went on many adventures that summer like skydiving, rock climbing, kayaking, boat scavenger hunting, going to Mariners and Sounders games, travelling to L.A. to spend some time with my aunts, etc. It was an amazing summer that we didn't want to end. It was especially sad since we knew the next 3 years would have to be long distance as he and I were still students, he at ITESM in Monterrey, Mexico and I at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh.

We visited each other a lot throughout our first year of dating and went on adventures to make these trips memorable (such as white water rafting, going to a Steelers game in Heinz field, going to a Rayados game, etc.). He even came for my finals week to keep me company and to make sure I studied for an extremely difficult exam. I passed! In the spring semester, he studied abroad in Purdue. Throughout these four months, we met in the middle on weekends in Dublin (in my family's home). Jose enjoyed getting to know my family and we enjoyed having escapes throughout our difficult semester. Fun fact: That winter was the first time Jose saw falling snow.

The summer of 2013 we reunited in Seattle once again for a second internship at Microsoft. Jose did such a great job, he was offered a full-time position at the end! However, he had one year left in school and I had two. That fall I studied abroad in ITESM, Jose's university. It was an amazing semester in which we even took a class, Computer Graphics, together. Most of all, I enjoyed living and spending time with his family. Everyone made me feel welcome. We also took a weekend trip to Las Vegas with his family. When my parents and brother visited Monterrey that Christmas, they were made to feel like part of the family too. Unfortunately, I had to return to CMU for the spring semester and we spent most of these 4 months apart. Jose did come for CMU's Carnival and to watch me play some tennis.

Jose graduated in May of 2014 at the top (wow!) of his class. He went on to spend half the summer in Monterrey and the other half in Seattle looking for an apartment, furnishings, a car, etc. The World Cup was also a crucial part of his every day routine, until Mexico lost that is. He began his job at Microsoft in August, a week before I was to finish my internship. That was when I was offered a full-time position at Microsoft with the team I wanted. However, I had one more year to go at Carnegie Mellon. That year, Jose and I saw each other in L.A. to meet my new cousins, over winter break, and then during spring break when he met me in L.A. again to visit and cheer on my tennis team and celebrate my mom's birthday.

Three days after graduating from CMU this past May (not at the top of my class...), Jose proposed at M, a restaurant in downtown Columbus. He had planned a special booth for us with flowers he had ordered. He also had my dad take the ring to the restaurant that morning. Jose proposed during dessert and I said yes. However, he said we should wait to tell our families the news until we got home. I thought this was quite strange. I was surprised to learn upon arriving home, that both families (his and mine) had NOT gone to El Vaquero's to watch a soccer game like they had told me, but had spent the entire time we were at the restaurant preparing a surprise enagement party. My mom had lied to me the entire time via text ("soccer game is ending", "we are bored", etc.). My parents, brother, grandparents, Regina, and close family friends had assembled and put on t-shirts, each with one letter, that spelled "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" and then Jose jumped in front with his own t-shirt that read "Lydia, will you marry me?" to which I said yes... again. He picked the perfect Tiffany's ring and the perfect way to propose!

After almost 4 years together, we now live in Bellevue and work at Microsoft (where we work in adjoined buildings, which makes commuting nice and easy). We have even begun to cook thanks to Blue Apron (check it out!) and do Crossfit. We also tried glassblowing recently and continue to enjoy spending time with friends. Most of all we love sprawling out on our awesome couch with our kittens, Sam and Sassy. It has been a charmed life together and we are so happy to not have to be long distance anymore. That part was not fun at all, but was definitely worth it.

We are excited to get married and build new memories and a life together. We hope to grow, learn, and play as a team for many years to come. Thank you for being part of our lives and for coming to our special day(s). We are so excited to celebrate with you!